Welcome to Lotts of Designs!

Lotts of Designs began in 2011 as a place where I could work on my passions; capturing, creating and designing! I fell in love with photography and design long before 2011, in fact, if you ask anyone I know, they would say that I’ve always loved creating things by hand and taking photos. When I was a little girl, I had several disposable cameras that I would fill with photos of everything from family gatherings, holidays, parties, friends and even nature and textures. As the “paparazzi” of the family then, I’ve continued to carry a camera and look at the world through my lens, especially now that I have my own little guys. Candid moments happen in a flash, which is why I make sure my flash is there to capture it!

Photography is an art that allows us to hold onto a moment forever. I don’t take photos, I capture moments. When people ask me what my favorite thing to photograph is, I answer with moments. Moments make up a lifetime of memories and whatever moment is important to you, that’s what I want to capture. Whether it’s the first kiss at a wedding, the moment a family finds out the gender of a baby, a surprise birthday party or a senior portrait-getting these moments into a photo is my passion.

These life moments often call for hand-made designs like invitations and decorations, or as I like to call them, “party collateral.” I love working with clients to see what their ideas are and then bringing them to life. We often overlook the fine details that go into these events, but I thrive on making each small piece perfect for your occasion.

I believe my calling is to help bring to life the visions of others as well as my own. For it is through our creativity and ideas that we are able to make the world around us even more beautiful. I believe God has placed these ideas in my mind and heart and has given me the gift to capture the beauty and wonder in His creation.

Let’s work together to brainstorm and bring your ideas to life. Take a look at my resume as well as what my clients have said about working with me. Then, take a look at what I’ve captured and created for my clients. See something you like or have an idea? Let’s talk about how my passion can help you for your next big moment!