Capture: Parties & Special Occasions

I love snapping pictures of the special moments that highlight your most memorable events. I’m your personal paparazzi, capturing the expression of surprise on someone’s face for a surprise birthday party, or the joy on soon-to-be-parents faces when they learn the gender of their child! Everything that made your event wonderful, captured into stills that bring you back in time, every time.  

Occasions from…

Maverick ONE smash cake_-17.jpg

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First Birthday/Smash Cake

You look at your baby, and realize—they’re a year old now!—when did that happen? You’re not sure, but you’ll always be able to remember their first birthday with a smile when you book an appointment for their first birthday photo shoot! Smash cakes, themes, and messes mean that these photos will put a smile on your face whenever you look back at them. For extra baby-goodness, these photos can be taken outdoors, if weather permits!


Check out our blog for some of our favorites!

Birthday Parties for any age

Regardless of age, birthday parties are always fun to photograph! No matter if you’re 5 or 85, getting family and friends together for a birthday party is a blast. From blowing out the candles to opening gifts and all the candid moments in between-those moments are meant to be capture.


Check out our blog for some of our favorites!


Anniversaries are something to be celebrated. Whether you and your partner are looking for new photos of the two of you or you’re having a party to celebrate your years together, I can work with you to capture exactly what you’re looking for.


Check out our blog for some of our favorites!

Gender Reveals

Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Gender reveal parties are a joy to capture! The look on everyone’s faces as the gender is revealed is priceless and begs to be captured.

Erin's Baby Shower-96.jpg

Baby Showers

As you’re showered in love and gifts at your baby shower or sprinkler, I’ll be there to capture those moments! Playing games and opening brand-new onesies and tiny shoes-these are photos you’ll want to save forever.


Bridal Showers

As you count down the days until your wedding, your bridal shower is one day you’ll want to remember. Co-ed or just the girls, bridal showers are fun from start to finish as you and your guests are filled with excitement as you open presents filled with furnishings for your new life as a married couple.


…and everything in between-I’ll make sure to capture the moments you’ll treasure forever!