Capture: Weddings

It’s the big day: your wedding day! This special day is as unique as your love—let me be your wedding photographer to ensure every memorable moment is captured, from the momentous ones, like the first kiss, to the meaningful candid ones like the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride or the teary-eyed mother of the bride beaming with joy and love. Capturing the looks on your guests’ faces are my favorite moments to photograph at a wedding. All of these moments, large are small, are the ones you’ll want to keep in your heart forever, and with my skills they’re the ones you’ll have to look back on years after your journey begins.

Since 2011, I’ve photographed countless weddings each with unique couples at unique venues. Each location has different lighting, colors and set up but the job remains the same: capture the moments that matter. There’s no time to fumble with settings, you need an experienced wedding photographer to get every moment that matters to you and the candid ones you never knew you’d love.

As the bride and groom, there’s a lot that goes into your wedding day, get an experienced wedding photographer to make sure every moment is captured! Whether you know exactly what moments you want captured or just want a few photos to remember the day, I’ll work with you to figure out where I fit in. Let’s talk about your wedding day details, what matters most to you and what photo ideas you have. I’d love to be a part of your wedding day!

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