Create & Design

Living in a visual society, good design is key in everything from marketing materials to logos to invitations and announcements. It’s a fact, we look at photos and design before we read copy. That being said, good design is necessary in order to make a good impression to clients, customers or even family and friends.

I love creating and design. In fact, design has been a passion of mine before I ever realized that it was. When I was younger, I would help my mom create and design bulletins and flyers for our church. I always had a love for fonts and how they can convey different feelings. I love design because it allows information to be shared in a way that’s visually appealing and helps the user digest and understand what they’re reading. Regardless of the medium (flyers, advertisements, invitations, announcements, booklets), design allows me to communicate information and have fun with it.

Themes within design are my ultimate joy! Coordinating items within a theme makes the whole package complete. Theming a child’s birthday party with invitations and decorations or having save the date cards and wedding invitations match the bride’s wedding décor.

Plain and simply, if something isn’t well designed, we don’t want to look at it. We can’t begin to comprehend what it’s trying to tell us because we can’t get past the design. Allow me to help you create and design pieces that you’ll want to look at and be excited to send out or show to others.