Capture: Maternity

Pregnancy is one of life’s best gifts and biggest miracles. Congratulations on your babe-to-be! These precious moments of waiting for the arrival of your bundle of joy are so exciting and joyful and a maternity photo shoot is the best way to capture that emotion. There’s nothing like the tender touches and loving glances of a couple about to embark on the journey of parenthood together. Your lives are about to change in an amazing way!

Becoming a parents and the transition into parenthood truly sets in when the baby bump appears. While they may be difficult at times for the mom-to-be, the natural beauty of this stage is what I love to capture. The side profile of the baby bump gives only a small glimpse into the little life developing that will one day change the world.

Maternity photo shoots are filled with little moments to cherish, moments that could be easily missed. Capturing feelings in photography is an art. These photo shoots are all about little moments of feelings; love, anticipation, excitement and care. While maternity shoots focus on the mom-to-be, the looks from the dad to be are beyond beautiful and sweet. I love capturing the joy and wonder that overtakes the dad-to-be. He looks at his partner with such love and admiration at the miracle happening within her.

These are moments to cherish. Moments that need to be captured. Let me be a part of the special times you and your partner are sharing together during this time of anticipation. Let’s talk about your special journey and what moments you want captured and maybe we’ll find ones you never knew you wanted.

While you’re preparing for your bundle of joy, are your family and friends throwing a baby shower? Are you in need of a photographer, invitations or other party collateral such as decorations? I can make all of that happen and take the stress away—let’s talk!

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