3 cleaning concepts

The Lotts of Designs Studio has been extremely busy this summer but wanted to fill you in on some of the current projects. There are a few projects in the works, but they cannot be revealed until their time... here is one we could share....

PacTecha Concepts

These concepts were created for PacTecha, LLC. One of their clients was creating a new cleaning system  and wanted to show the board his ideas by allowing them to visualize the concepts. The first option is a 'Powder Pouch System' where you would tear open the pouch and pour the powder into the sprayer bottle. The second option is a 'Dissolvable Packet' that you would drop into the sprayer bottle and the third option is a 'Dissolvable tablet' that you would drop into a sprayer bottle. All are ready with the perfect rate of concentrate dilution each time. These concepts were fun to design and I hope to one day see one used. Thanks Robert @ PakTecha!!

©PakTecha, LLC &  ©Lotts of Designs, LLC
-Amanda @ Lotts of Designs