6 Designer tips to follow!!

The following 6 Tips are ones that I need to follow, (courtesy of Logo Design Blog). I heart post-its!! They are the best, I always have a handful in my pocket when I come home from work.... good ideas come at strange times, so I need to sketch or write them down before I loose them!! ...... Enjoy!  (this is good stuff, that's why I decided to repost)

Generally, logo designers get so engrossed when working on a logo design project that they can’t be easily distracted by any extraneous factors. But at times, while working for long hours, the logo designers get so stressed out that they completely lose focus. Moreover, the fast moving work environment and technological gizmos are always a source of interruption. We always blame family, friends and colleagues to be the real distraction but nowadays it’s the internet and social media that takes away most of the time.
This is how you lose your productivity and eventually fail to meet project deadlines. And then you get really strained and lose your focus while trying to cope up with the nearing deadline.
Now comes the question that how can one manage to stay focused and composed? How to avoid indulging in extraneous activities while making a logo design? Facing these distractions myself, I have devised a few simple yet effective techniques that will enable logo designers to stay focused on their work.

1.Use ‘Stickys’:

One of the best and easiest ways of staying focused is to use stickys. A sticky note, also called post-it note is a small adhesive paper attached on top of objects that act as reminders. Being a logo designer, use your computer monitor to paste these sticky notes listing all your prioritized work so that you always remain focused on your core tasks.

2. Have a Break, have a ‘Kit Kat’:

As I said earlier, logo designers are so involved in their work that they don’t realize the amount of energy they consume in the logo design process. So the next time you feel out of focus or drowsy, take a break and increase your sugar levels with a bar of chocolate. You will notice that the sudden boost of sugar will rejuvenate your mind and bring back the lost focus. Although I eat Kit Kat, you can have your favorite one. ;)

3. Ctrl+Alt+Del:

There are times when you wish life had a restart button. You think if you could just press ‘Ctrl + Alt +Del’ to reboot yourself up again. Well, there is a way of doing that…take a quick nap. When things start getting stressful, don’t panic. A short nap will contribute a lot to the logo designers to rejuvenate their focus back.

4. Food + H2O = Refreshing:

Did you know that the human mind is made up of 80% water? Yes folks, whenever you brain stops working, drink lots of water to freshen up your focus. Keep a water bottle near you while working. Also if you get any snack along, your mind will reboot more quickly. It’s not necessary to have a 3-course meal, because even a bag of chips can do the trick for you.

5. 5-minute ‘yoga’:

Another routine practice that can give you back the lost concentration is ‘exercise.’ Now it doesn’t necessarily mean that you perform the yoga. Just a few simple exercises in the workplace like moving your neck and flexing your back muscles can release the pressure. Get up from your seat after every hour or so and stretch out to avoid any spasms.

6. Enjoy good ‘Music’:

A handful of people consider it to be a distraction, but I believe music is a wonderful stimulator for the human mind. Listening to some soft and good music helps in relaxing the mind. Although my preference is soft music to relax my mind but some people fancy hard rock music to be a motivator as well.
So, all talented logo designers out there, whenever you find it difficult to concentrate on a project…try any of these tricks. With my experience, I assure they all really work :) and if any of you have other interesting ideas on “how to stay focused” do share with us.