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Precious baby bump

Capturing my younger sister's baby bump was one of my favorite moments of 2013. It was a blast to walk through the park and capture some special moments between the soon-to-be-parents. I am very happy that my first nephew was born and though a premie with a few complications, that little guys is so strong and a fighter. I pray the good Lord continue to bless him and his parents greatly!  I can't wait to begin capturing the newest addition to our family. For now, I will take tons of photos with my iPhone and post away! 

Here are some photos of our photo shoot in the park prior to little Josiah's arrival into the world! My sister and her boyfriend are quite photogenic I must add! :) Looking back at these photos reminds me of how good God is and how his perfect design of a human life never ceases to amaze us and should be a constant reminder that He is the ultimate creator!