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Quinceañera Invitations

A Quinceañera is a right of passage for young women from the Latin culture. It is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday and is celebrated differently than most teenage birthday parties as it is represents the transition from childhood to young womanhood. The tradition varies across countries, in tradition and in style. The celebration could be simple to very elaborate. In looking back to my own 'Quince' (for short) over a decade ago, having one of these parties was by far one of the highlights of my teenage years and a proud moment of my heritage tradition. 



Now many years later I've had the privilege of creating a variety of 'Quince' invitations for a few Quinceañeras and they are so much fun. From ticket stubs to pocket folds, creating special invitations to the biggest celebration in a young woman's life is such a privilege. Here are some examples of invitations have created. I also had the opportunity to capture some images of a beautiful young lady for her 'Sweet 16' and those photos were displayed as her table centerpieces!  It has a blast to create such important keepsakes and I look forward to many more!! 

Yanliz Quince Invitations

Yanliz invitaion 'Mis Quince'

Quince work station...