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Heavy heart!

I couldn't sit still at work all day. My heart is so heavy, not only for the tragedy that happened at Chardon High School yesterday, but for all the darkness in our world today. My heart is so saddened for the terrible decision a student made to take the life of classmates at random. My heart is heavy knowing that there is so much violence not just in schools but around the world.

sad but true...

The signs of the time are so evident and we must prepare ourselves for the Lord's coming soon. We must continue to lift each other in prayer for God's protection, and to reach out to the outcasts and unpopular. There are so many people hurting, maybe if we took the time to offer a caring smile, or a kind word... we could help make a difference.

In the midst of all the bad, we must find good. I had the privilege of visiting the Cleveland Greenhouse this weekend. What a beautiful place! We should be proud of great places like these in our city. This place brought me joy, warmth and happiness. In the midst of all the beautiful plants and flowers I found this precious beauty. A sign of perfection. To me, a sign from God reminding me that he takes care of us. He is the ultimate artist and he designed this flawless flower for us to enjoy. Hope you can enjoy it as well.

With Love,  Amanda Lott