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Lady Bug Party!!!

Lady Adrianne just turned 1 and she had a cute 'Lady Bug' themed birthday party. We created some lady bug invitations for all the guests. To read the invitations you opened the wings and the party information was in the center. Some of the invitations are in English and Some in spanish ;) It was such a fun party!

Happy 1st Birthday Adrianne!

For table decorations, there were handmade, foam lady buys in a variety of sizes and colors. Each child took a lady bug or two home to decorate their rooms.
handmade and painted foam lady bugs  
individual handmade piñatas!!

Instead of one piñata, the mother of the birthday girl constructed small individual lady bug piñatas for each child to take home. They were equally filled with yummy goodies, and was a way to be fair to all the children ;) Each piñata was also handmade out of simple materials:
  • 2 lady bug themed paper plates (size)
  • Streamers
  • construction paper
  • variety of candy 
To make each piñata was fairly simple:
  • take one "themed" paper plate
  • cut a 1"-2" strip of construction paper
  • fold construction paper into a round shape (to fit on the paper plate)
  • tape to the 'themed' plate
  • pour variety of candy in the center
  • staple or tape the plates together
  • cover center with streamer (for decoration)
  • and your done!!!
Handmade decorations are a cute and simple way to celebrate a birthday without spending too much ^_^ Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Adrianne! 

Happy Birthday Lady Adrianne!!