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♥ Card Swap Day view!! ♥

The Lotts of Designs Studio has been busy with various projects, there was barely time to post them all. One of the latest projects was a card featured at the Immanuel Church Scrapbook Ministries 'Card Swap'. We chose to feature a card with the "Thinking of You" theme. I created the cards with matching envelopes.

To prepare for the card swap we had to prepare 26 packs of materials for other card makers (both beginners and experienced) to re-create your card.

The 26 packs of cards contained 1 white card folded with a Martha Stewart scorer and a white envelope and a piece of pink or green paper. At the card swap there was a table with all the supplies provided for each card maker to create my card. There were other stations set up for myself to re-create other cards, I had a blast!!

pink & green papers used as background

Narcissus Stamp by Stampendous!

Supplies Needed:
  • Folded cardstock (any size you want the card)
  • Envelope (size the card stock will fit in folded)
  • Colored/Patterned Paper (any color you choose, in this case not too much pattern)
  • Flower stamp (Narcissus by Stampendous)
  • Color Pencils
  • Glitter
  • Adhesive tape
  • Stamp pad
  • Thinking of you stamp
  • Scissors  
supplies I provided for each person creating my card

card packs in preparation for the swap

Step 1: Round the 4 bottom edges or the card
Step 2: Tape the paper (in this case pink or green) with the 2 bottom edges rounded
Step 3: Stamp the flowers on white card stock, cut and color the flowers to your liking
Step 4: Place foam stickers on the back of the flowers
Step 5: Place flowers in center of card (foam stickers give 3D look)
Step 6: Stamp the words 'Thinking of you' to the bottom right of the paper
Step 7: (use stamp pad or a foam tip with chalk paint) and rub against the edges of the white card
Step 8: Add glitter to the center lines of flowers
Step 9: Stamp a part of the flower stamp on the corner of the envelope
Step 10: Color and add glitter for finishing touches and your done!

❤ Final Product, with matching envelopes!

Thinking of you!