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Ingenuity Festival!

The Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland, Ohio was awesome!! I had volunteered a few years ago, but this year I got to enjoy it with a few friends, and even on the last day, there were so many great booths to explore, so many creative artists, musicians, food trucks and more!!

Here are some of the moments I captured with my iPhone!

Ingenuity neon sign

chair and tell display

iron chair designed by a blacksmith

light display

iCaricatures by iAdamPate

beautiful hearts

Ingenuity Fest Tweeting!

Man with a colorful parrot, his cane is pretty sweet too

Designer/Music Guru Rachel bangin' some beats

music cart

artwork on the bridge

recycled artwork: water bottle with plastered colorful paper

Band with blue ambiance

light display under the bridge

I ❤ Ingenuity Festival!