Amanda Michelle Lott - Designer & Photographer

Welcome to Lotts of Designs, the Portfolio of Amanda Michelle Lott.

If you ask anyone I know, they would probably confirm that I have always loved designing, creating things by hand, and taking pictures. When I was a little girl, I had several disposable cameras and always loved capturing every moment I could, from family gatherings, to everyday life and venturing into nature and textures. I was often referred to as the "paparazzi" of the family. Now that I have my own little guys, I intend to capture as much of their life as I can, as well as the special memories of others. 

My desire is to help bring to life the visions of others as well as reveal the ideas God has placed in my mind and heart, and capture the beauty in God's creation.

Please browse around for examples of my work and explore some of the special moments I have captured. 
Feel free to contact me at amanda@lottsofdesigns.com with any questions or ideas you have that you'd like to see come to reality.